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A 10 hour trip on the Flint.

For quite a while now I've been planning on trying to fish Snipes shoals south of PoBiddy Road. I've fished south of the road before, but I try to be careful about not biting off more than I can chew and get too far down stream where I regret the the trip back or worse get stuck after dark still needing to get up stream. In the lower Flint (e.g. above Lake Blackshear) , that is less of an issue because you don't have the get out and drag up the shoals issues as you do this time of here on this section of the river.

Smells like Fish, Looks like Fish.

Went to the Bond Swamp National Wild life refuge just below Macon Georgia yesterday and fished in the Stone Creek. The place looked like it should have some good fish and smelled like it should have some good fish, but I just did not catch any. Well that is not exactly true, I did manage to catch one two inch bream. Place was full of small minnow sized fish along the bank so I know there are fish there. Of course, I did fish from 12pm to 3pm and that is probably the worst time to fish.

What to do first.

It's Saturday and I have several hours of computer work, but I also want to do some building type work. What I need to do is finish the piece of ferro-cement roof that I'm working on currently. It's basically a small vault over a nice picture glass window that came out out a massage parlor they tore down in Columbus Georgia. I'll try to take some photos today to give everyone a better idea of what I'm working on.

The Buddhist fisherman

Is it possible to be a Buddhist to be a fisherman. Does that mean catch and release only. But what about the pain inflicted by the hook. Yet even so what if the fisherman is not a vegetarian. Is it not possible to fish in some rhythmic sync with nature where one does not over harvest but participates in the cycles of life and death.

Trying to schedule my next fishing trip

Trying to figure on when and where to take my next fishing trip. My general plan is to fish once a week. I say general because, well it's not set in stone. I was thinking of heading over to Camper's haven just above Lake Blackshear on the mighty flint river.

The bad news is I have a bit of sore throat this morning and I am not sure if it's just something that is going to pass quickly or if I should wait on the fishing trip. My alternative day will be Sunday morning.

Went fishing at the River Bend.

Went fishing at the Chattahoochee river just below Columbus Georgia. They were starting to tear down a dam that they will make into a white water course.

The river was muddy and I am guess at least some part of it was due to the construction.

I didn't catch much in the way of fish (OK, I did catch some bream.)

I did see two cute little fauns on a island. I tried to take some photos, but they did not turn out so good.