Day Three

Wow, Day Three did not go like I expected. I believe I held my position fairly well, but forces around me have not gotten with the program.  I can see that is an issue that will arise again and again. The fact is when one takes a trip to the top of the mountain and takes time out to reflect, the world does not reflect with you. You are in it's sphere, but it's not in your sphere.



Such is life. One step at a time.




Day Two


Day two has passed and all is going smoothly. Well a fly did show up once in the drink so to speak, but thinks are amazingly smooth. I am expecting two things from this period, one is to feel better, maybe even loose a bit of weight and the second is a bit more mental clarity. I mean I'm not expecting to be back to the 18 year old I was so many years ago, but still one can improve one's mind and body using the basics of good diet and exercise.


Day One

Well here we are on day one. The second position in this array of life that is holder of objects and experience. The first day with an actual piece of experience to be used as a reference for this journey. While the day was reasonably close to expectations there were some suprises Not unexpected because you see when dreams exceed reality, reality will let you know. Sure there are times that Dreams seem to influence reality or give the appears  of such, but the truth is that it is just the opposite.  That is thing which you thought was your dream influencing reality is just the opposite.

Day Zero

Today is day zero. Day zero of a new initiative to go put myself through a period of fasting, reflection and building of self discipline.  The length of this period is unknown. Maybe only a few days, maybe only a few weeks, maybe a few months. Regardless of the time it will have a start and a finish and a new goal of phase will begin when this one ends.


Flint River Trip Nov 11th

Well the weather seemed to be warming and decided to take the time to head to the Flint River. I've been trying to learn and switch to a more winter style of fishing. Not all sure what that means, but figuring the best way to learn is to spend time on the river. Saturday was nice and sunny and Sunday was supposed to be as warm but somewhat cloudy.