Boat issues

Well now that I have lost my first kayak, I now have only two boats. One is a yellow sit inside yak and the other is a white water canoe. I have added a seat for when I go catfishing in the canoe. Pretty cool

Adding to my list of places to fish

The Reservoir was opened in 2008. It is located in Pike County off Georgia Highway 18 just five miles south of Concord. The reservoir consist of 850 acres of property and the reservoir itself is 500 acres. The reservoir serves Pike County, Spalding County, East Coweta County, North Meriwether County, Williamson, Zebulon, and Griffin. Still Branch Regional Reservoir is stocked with bass, bream, and channel catfish.

Went to the river.

Well I made the float on Sunday. My main reason for pushing through is that I have on my list of things to accomplish a plan to float each section of the Flint from Goat Rock to Lake Seminole before I die. Now I am assuming I'm not in a big rush, but figured this section would be a good one since I've done the sections between goat rock and Po-biddy and the section from 19 to the Roberta bridge.

I put in a 9:45 which well is not exactly the crack of dawn but I was fighting what turned out to be bronchitis.