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Deviled eggs
Deviled eggs are the quintessential hors d’oeuvres for any classy affair, but things should be relaxed and fun.
These eggs are crispy, creamy and chock-full of buffalo flavor! After frying your whites you’ll think, why have I never done this before?! It gives these delicious morsels an unbelievable texture.
For eggs:

David Bowie's top 100 reading list

As a new version of the exhibition David Bowie Is opens this week at the Art Gallery of Ontario, curators have revealed a list of his top 100 must-read books, giving a fascinating insight into the mind of the influential musician and style icon.

Spanish tenses

Some of the Spanish verbs you should be focusing on are: ser, estar, tener, querer, poder, decir, dar, hacer, saber, traer … And any others that you notice coming up frequently in your conversations.Then, you should learn the regular -ar, -er and -ir endings for the present tense.This is, by far, the most important tense. Knowing the present tense well will make all other tenses much easier to learn. In particular the subjunctive tenses.

Global Warming

U.S. Senate Minority Report Update: More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

What is a religion if not a big virtual reality game

What is a religion if not a big virtual reality game played by millions of people together? Religions such as Islam and Christianity invent imaginary laws, such as “don’t eat pork”, “repeat the same prayers a set number of times each day”, “don’t have sex with somebody from your own gender” and so forth. These laws exist only in the human imagination. No natural law requires the repetition of magical formulas, and no natural law forbids homosexuality or eating pork. Muslims and Christians go through life trying to gain points in their favourite virtual reality game.

Movie Frantz In a small German town after World War I, Anna mourns daily at the grave of her fiance Frantz, killed in battle in France. One day a young Frenchman, Adrien, also lays flowers at the grave. His presence so soon after the German defeat ignites passions.