An actual photo of workers moving the Gypsyfarm web site


The bill for hosting the gyspyfarm web site popped up in my email inbox.‭ ‬I thought,‭ ‬to what end have I kept this site alive, ‬I mean why‭? ‬I have been trying to trim expenses,‭ ‬surely this falls under the frivolous expense category.

Don’t get me wrong, I had tried for years, over 20 years to do something relevant. Initially it was to document my progress on building the dome. Later it was just a play ground for various web based platforms like Drupal and Wordpress. Eventually it lay fallow and I thought to what end? So I let the hosting service lapse and Gypsyfarm was gone from the internet.

Then covid 19 came and I was introduced to social distancing and a friend said hey you can create a server in the cloud with one push of a button and my goodness, there was a sale too and for only $5 a month you too could could have a "Powerful Entry Level Virtual Machine” and so I took the bait. And so a server was created, the LAMP stack was installed (Thanks Joe!) and the DNS name servers were pointed to and was reborn, but to what end?

I have tried to use the excuse that it could be a learning experience but there many places on the web to help with that so that excuse wasn’t going to work. Instead I guess I just was not ready for it to die. So it is being resurrected and will just be an old dusty reminder of times gone by.